Common data formats and packages

Anita Richards,

  • Don't lose sight of the sky
    • The physical relationships between interferometry data and astrophysical emission mechanisms
  • All interferometry data packages support similar operations
    • Removing bad data
    • Comparing visibility data with models to correct for atmospheric and other errors
    • Fourier Transforming the visibility data and removing artefacts from the resulting image
    • Visualisation and measurement of the resulting data cubes etc.
  • How to choose a package
    • Most packages originally developed for specific instruments
    • Some have been greatly extended - what does what you might want in future as well as now?
    • Ease of scripting/pipelining
    • Support
  • AIPS and CASA
    • Outlines of packages
    • Data formats - FITS and MS
  • Where to get packages and help
    • Limitations and specificity
  • A few basic utilities
    • Getting data in and out
    • What have I got?
    • What's in the data?
    • What did that command just do?
      • Where did it put the result?
    • How do I look at that?
  • Structure of the forthcoming tutorials

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