ERIS 2009 Agenda

All lectures (in normal type) are in the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, as are Registration and the main tutorials, but parallel sessions will be held in the Denys Wilkinson Building. Tea, coffee and lunches will be served in the Denys Wilkinson Building.These are marked on this map.

Hands-on tutorials are in italics followed by the name of the tutor coordinating the tutorial; other tutors may also be involved.

LectureSummaries (also given individually)

Day/Time Topic (including link to notes) Presenter Presentation
Mon 7 Sept      
0900 Registration    
0930 Welcome and organisation  
0945 TheScientificPotentialOfRadioAstronomy Willem Baan CERISsep2009V2.pdf
1030 Coffee    
1100 PracticalRadioInterferometry Robert Laing Laing_interf.pdf
1145 CalibrationBasics Neal Jackson Jackson_eris_oxford.pdf
1230 Lunch    
1400 ImagingBasics Tom Muxlow MuxlowImaging.pdf
1445 CommonDataFormatsAndPackages Anita Richards DataPackagesFormats.pdf
1530 Tea    
1600 SoftwareInstallationAndChecking Ian Heywood with Dickson, Bourke, Petry, Purcell  
1645 CalibrationTutorial Neal Jackson with Muxlow, Purcell, Venturi  
Tue 8 Sept      
0900 SpectralLineTechniques Rob Beswick specline-ERIS2009-rbeswick.pdf
0945 e-MERLIN Simon Garrington  
1030 Coffee    
1100 ImagingTutorial Tom Muxlow with Fenech, Laing, Purcell  
1145 ImageAnalysis Robert Laing Laing_image.pdf
1230 Lunch    
1400 ImageMeasurementsAndAnalysis Tiziana Venturi with Purcell, Kramer, Baan ImageAnalysisTutorial.pdf
1445 SpectralLineTutorial Rob Beswick with Richards, Kramer, Etoka  
1530 Tea    
1600 VLBIConsiderations Tiziana Venturi Venturi-VLBI_ERIS09.pdf
1645 VLBITutorial Stephen Bourke with Baan, Beswick, Venturi  
Wed 9 Sept      
0900 IRAM and high-frequency interferometry Bojan Nikolic NikolicERIS2009.pdf
0945 ALMA Robert Laing Laing_ALMAscience.pdf
1030 Coffee    
1100 LOFAR Willem Baan LOFAR_ERIS-review-0909V2.pdf
1145 OPTIONS:    
  Continue previous work Bourke, Baan  
  Wide-band,WideFieldImaging Danielle Fenech with Muxlow, Laing  
1230 Lunch    
  Free Afternoon    
1930 Conference Dinner Al Shami Lebanese Restaurant  
Thu 10 Sept      
0900 Polarization Rick Perley ERIS-Polarization.pdf
0945 PolarizationTutorial Rick Perley with Laing, Kramer, Richards  
1030 Coffee    
1100 DataReductionInCASA Martin Zwaan with Petry, Richards, Etoka casa-intro-oxford-sept09-dpetry.pdf CASATutorialZwaan_ERIS.key.pdf
1145 OPTIONS    
  Continue previous work Petry, Heywood  
  MosaicingInCASA Martin Zwaan with Laing, Etoka MosaicingZwaan_ERIS.pdf
1230 Lunch    
1400 TransientOrVariableSources Stewart Eyres Eyres_ERIS.pdf
1445 OPTIONS    
  Continue previous work Kramer, Etoka  
  ObservingVariableSources Tony Rushton with Eyres and Beswick  
  VLBISpectralLine Stephen Bourke with Beswick and Baan  
1530 Tea    
1600 IntroductionToPipelines Heywood/Kloeckner/Petry/Richards ERIS_HRK_PT_AP.pdf ERIS09_AMSR_Pipelines.pdf
1645 OPTIONS:    
  Continue previous work Rushton, Beswick  
  WritingAParseltonguePipeline Hans-Rainer Kloeckner with Bourke ERIS_HRK_PT.pdf
  MEqtrees Ian Heywood


  CASA scripting Dirk Petry with Zwaan  
Fri 11 Sept      
0900 LifeCycleOfData Hans-Rainer Kloeckner


0945 EVLA Rick Perley ERIS-EVLA.pdf
1030 Coffee    
1100 OPTIONS:    
  Continue previous work Kramer, Rushton  
  CombiningDataFromDifferentArraysOrConfigurations Anita Richards with Beswick and Perley ERIS_CombiningArrays.pdf
1145 DesigningAnExperiment Robert Laing with Heywood, Kloeckner, Etoka, Perley Laing_proposal.pdf
1230 Lunch    
1400 Report from each design group and general feedback Ian Heywood  
1445 Future of Radio Astronomy Steve Rawlings  
1530 Concluding remarks and announcements    

-- AnitaRichards - 27 Mar 2009
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