Imaging and Calibration Algorithms for EVLA, e-MERLIN and ALMA

1 - 3 December 2008, Oxford e-Research Centre


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RadioNet ALBiUS (Advanced Long Baseline interoperable User Software)

NRAO has set up an Algorithm Research and Development Group ARDG


Over the next few years, there will be enormous improvements in the sensitivity, resolution and frequency coverage of aperture-synthesis arrays working at cm, mm and sub-mm wavelengths. In order to make best use of the new and upgraded arrays - ALMA, EVLA, e-MERLIN and e-VLBI - advanced imaging and calibration algorithms are required. This workshop will bring together those working on algorithm requirements, design and implementation.

Although the workshop will be focused on the immediate needs of current cm and mm-wave arrays, we encourage input from those working on low-frequency projects and SKA development.

11 November: Registration is now closed. If you would like to go on a waiting list to be informed if any places become available please send an email containing a brief summary of your relevant interests to:

We are organising video links to NRAO sites at Socorro and Charlottesville, to Haystack, to ESO and to JBCA; if you are interested in video links from here please contact the attendees from the venues below; for other possible venues please contact the organisers.

Please also use the above address to contact the Organising Committees if you have a query about any aspect of the workshop.



The workshop will be held in the e-Science Building of the Oxford e-Research Centre.


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Please notify the organisers of any queries or errors, thank-you.

All times are local = UT.

Socorro UT-7
Charlottesville, Haystack UT-5

Monday Dec 1     Via video? Upload talk
1000 Registration and coffee    
  Introduction Chair Heywood
1100 Welcome Steve Rawlings
1105 Housekeeping Ian Heywood
1110 Aims of workshop Robert Laing Intro.pdf
  Requirements of current/imminent arrays Chair Heywood
1125 e-MERLIN and e-VLBI requirements Simon Garrington garrington-Oxford-Dec2008.pdf
1140 ALMA requirements Robert Laing Laing_ALMA_Requirements.pdf
1155 EVLA requirements Frazer Owen V OwenEVLAreq.ppt OwenEVLAreq.pdf
1210 VLBA upgrade requirements Craig Walker V Walker_OxfordAlgorithms2008dec.pdf
1230 Introductions
1240 Lunch
  Complex gain calibration Chair Wilson
1340 Field-based calibration Bill Cotton CottonIonCal.pdf
1400 The Minimum Ionospheric Model Jan Noordam Oxford_Noordam.pdf
1420 Deep Calibration with Meq-Trees Oleg Smirnov Smirnov-MeqTreesCalibration.pdf
1440 Expectation Maximization type algorithms for calibration Sarod Yatawatta Yatawatta_sage.pdf
1455 Discussion I: Low-frequency calibration Lead Cotton
1530 Tea  
1545 Start of Lunar Occultation of Venus and conjunction with Jupiter, as seen from Oxford (if fine) (it wasn't)
1600 Phase calibration for ALMA Bojan Nikolic NikolicAlgorithmsOxford09.pdf
  Polarization Chair Wilson
1620 Polarization calibration and imaging Steve Myers V MyersOxford20081201.pdf link
1640 Facets of instrumental polarization Helmut Wiesemeyer hwiesemeyer.pdf
1700 Discussion II: Calibration and polarization Lead Garrington
1715 End of Lunar Occultation of Venus as (not) seen from Oxford
1800+ Close of day 1 formal sessions  
Tuesday Dec 2    
  Spectral line issues and Fourier phases Chair Fenech
0900 Spectral-line calibration and imaging issues Anita Richards RichardsSpecLineIssuesDec08Oxf.pdf
0930 Multi-line spectroscopy Francois Viallefond ViallefondMultilineSpectro.pdf
0945 Fourier phase analysis in radio-interferometry Francois Levrier LevrierOxford02122008.pdf
1000 Discussion III: Spectral line calibration and imaging
1030 Coffee  
  Imaging: Deconvolution Chair Fenech
1100 Applying MCMC and nested sampling techniques to Fourier imaging Steve Gull Steve Gull's Algorithms 2008 webpage
1120 Scale-sensitive deconvolution: Asp-Clean and other algorithms Sanjay Bhatnagar BhatnagarSSImaging.pdf
1135 Discussion IV: Deconvolution Lead Muxlow
1230 Lunch  
  Wide-band and wide-field imaging Chair Richards
1330 What you can already do in Classic AIPS Eric Greisen Greisen.pdf
1350 Applications of multi-beam CLEAN Ian Stewart StewartOxford_nov_08.pdf
1410 Tests of MFS algorithms Danielle Fenech   Fenech_Oxford08.pdf
1425 An approach to wide-band imaging Bill Cotton CottonWideband.pdf
1440 Multifrequency synthesis imaging with multi-scale deconvolution Urvashi Rau V UrvashiRau_Oxford2008_MFS.pdf
1500 Controlling the field-of-view using weighting functions Shep Doelman V haystack_FOV.pdf haystack_FOV.ppt
  Imaging across primary beams and mosaicing Chair Richards
1515 Imaging and calibration in the presence of direction-dependent effects Sanjay Bhatnagar BhatnagarDDImaging.pdf
1535 Tea  
1605 Squint, pointing, peeling and all that jazz Juan Uson oxford-december08-JUson_s.pdf oxford-december08-JUson.ppt ic2233ngc2537movie.gif.bz2 ReadMeforUson
1625 Efficient wide-field VLBI mapping Olaf Wucknitz Wucknitz pdf link
1640 Mosaic imaging with the GMRT Hans-Rainer Kloeckner HRK_OX1208.pdf
1655 Wide-field imaging at mm wavelengths Jerome Pety pety-oxford.pdf
1710 Discussion V: Wide-band and wide-field imaging Lead Owen V
1800+ Close of day 2 formal sessions  
Wednesday Dec 3    
0900 Breakout sessions    
Incl. Juan Uson Demo    
  Olaf Wucknitz Multi-channel clean   wucknitz_mc-clean.pdf
  Stephen Bourke Naked AIPS      
  Interoperability and pipelines Chair Laing
1010 Parseltongue Mark Kettenis Kettenis_pt.pdf
1030 Coffee  
1100 Pipelines & interoperability from the user's perspective Anita Richards AMSR_PipelinesProceduresOxf08.pdf AMSR_PipelinesProceduresOxf08.ppt
1115 ALMA pipeline heuristics John Lightfoot LightfootalmaHeuristics.pdf LightfootalmaHeuristics.ppt
1130 ALBiUS Huib van Langevelde vanLangeveldeoxf_albius.pdf
1150 Discussion IV: What do we do next? Lead Laing Summary.pdf
1330 Close of workshop and Lunch  

Registered Participants

Please check that your details are correct and notify of any omissions. In particular, please confirm your days of attendance. Thank-you.

NAME INSTITUTE Interests Mon 1/12 Tue 2/12 Wed 3/12
Andy Biggs ESO   Video V V  
Anita Richards Manchester High frequency/long baseline calibration; pipelines; UIs for the average astronomer Y Y Y
Bill Cotton NRAO Calibration, imaging: wide-band, polarization, full field (with spatially varying instrumental/astospheric effects) Y Y Y
Bojan Nikolic MRAO Phase correction, phase calibration imaging algorithms, technical implementation for ALMA Y Y Y
Colin Lonsdale Haystack   Video V V
Cormac Purcell JBCA   Y Y Y
Dan Calvelo Southampton Variable sources: extracting the signal and mitigating effects on imaging      
Danielle Fenech UCL Algorithms/data reduction processes for e-MERLIN Y Y Y
Dirk Petry ESO Imaging algorithms Y Y Y
Eelco van Kampen ESO Sub-mm simulations, ALMA imaging and map-making Video V V
Eric Greisen NRAO   Y Y Y
Floris van der Tak SRON   Video


Francois Levrier ENS Paris Characterizing complex structures observed by e.g. ALMA using the statistics of Fourier phases Y Y Y
Francois Viallefond Paris Multi-line spectroscopy, SD+interferometry, mosaicing, multi-resolution; ALMA SDM Y Y Y
Frazer Owen NRAO   Video V V
Gareth Hunt NRAO   Video V V
Hans-Rainer Kloeckner Oxford   Y Y Y
Helmut Wiesemeyer IRAM Polarization imaging over wide fields espec. ALMA Y Y --
Huib van Langevelde JIVE/Leiden ALBiUS -- Y Y
Ian Heywood Oxford   Y Y Y
Ian Stewart JBCA   Y Y Y
Jan Noordam ASTRON Meq-trees, 3rd-4th generation packages Y Y Y
Jeroen Stil U. Calgary Wide-field polarization calibration and imaging Y Y Y
Jerome Pety IRAM Imaging and deconvolution pm Y am
Joern Geisbuesch MRAO   Y Y Y
John Lightfoot ROE ALMA pipeline flagging, calibration, imaging Y Y Y
Jonas Larsen ESO ALMA data reduction (deconvolution, parallel algorithms, user interfaces ...) Y Y Y
Juan Uson NRAO High-dynamic range: directionally-dependent effects, non-isoplanaticism, mosaicing, systematic errors, pipeline processing. Interoperability between platforms. Y Y Y
Kristian Zarb Adami Oxford   Y Y Y
Ludwig Schwardt SKA S.A.   Video V V
Lynn Matthews Haystack Weighting functions to control the field-of-view of future large-N arrays Video V V
Mark Kettenis JIVE ParselTongue and the algorithms themselves Y Y Y
Olaf Wucknitz Bonn Wide-band deconvolution; wide field VLBI; LensClean Y Y am
Oleg Smirnov ASTRON Meq-trees calibration Y Y Y
Panos Lampropoulos Kapteyn Imaging and calibration; statistical signature of residuals (LOFAR)      
Paul Harrison JBCA   -- Video V
Richard Armstrong Oxford Instrumentation calibration for all-digital phased aperture arrays      
Rob Beswick JBCA        
Robert Laing ESO High-fidelity, cm-wave imaging of bright, extended sources in total intensity and linear polarization. Analysis of polarization images. All aspects of ALMA calibration and imaging. Y Y Y
Sandra Etoka JBCA   Video V V  
Sanjay Bhatnagar NRAO High dynamic range and high fidelity imaging, low radio frequency data analysis (RFI management, calibration, imaging), calibration and removal of direction dependent effects, scientific software design and development, high performance computing Y Y Y
Sarod Yatawatta Kapteyn Institute / ASTRON Expectation Maximization type algorithms for calibration Y Y Y
Shep Doeleman Haystack Reducing image contamination from faint source sidelobes Video V V
Simon Garrington JBCA   Y Y -
Stefanie Muehle JIVE Data reduction processes for (e-)VLBI, eMERLIN, EVLA, ALMA Y Y Y
Stephen Bourke JIVE Wide field VLBI imaging and automated data processing Y Y Y
Steve Gull MRAO Applying MCMC and nested sampling techniques to Fourier imaging. Faraday rotation analysis. -- Y --
Steve Myers NRAO   N V N
Thomas Wilson ESO   Y Y Y
Tobia Carozzi Glasgow Wide-field polarimetry and instrumental polarization Y Y Y
Tom Muxlow JBO   -- Y Y
Tony Willis NRC/DRAO Imaging and calibration problems associated with focal plane array systems Video V V
Urvashi Rau NRAO   Video V V
Vincent Fish Haystack   Video V V
Wilfred Frieswijk Kapteyn Astronomical Institute ALMA: calibration, high frequencies, wide field- and high dynamic range imaging -- Y Y
Wouter Vlemmings Bonn Polarization for ALMA; cm-wave issues e.g. ionosphere; e-MERLIN PSRs am? pm Y Y

RadioNet support

  • The deadline for applying for support is past (it was 9 November). If you have asked for support you should have received an email from the organisers confirming the amount. If you have any query please contact . Only claims approved in advance will be met. If you are eligible to claim please bring all receipts and your bank account details (including international codes - SWIFT, IBAN, BIC etc.) with you, since we have to process all claims immediately after the meeting. The claim form has been sent to eligible people, or you can download it from ALMA Forum (NA6).

Announcements and Other Pages

Algorithms2008 Utilities

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AlgorithmsOxford09.pdfpdf AlgorithmsOxford09.pdf manage 910 K 30 Nov 2008 - 21:55 BojanNikolic  
BhatnagarDDImaging.pdfpdf BhatnagarDDImaging.pdf manage 1 MB 02 Dec 2008 - 09:54 AnitaRichards  
BhatnagarSSImaging.pdfpdf BhatnagarSSImaging.pdf manage 1 MB 02 Dec 2008 - 10:00 AnitaRichards  
CottonIonCal.pdfpdf CottonIonCal.pdf manage 442 K 28 Nov 2008 - 13:02 AnitaRichards  
CottonWideband.pdfpdf CottonWideband.pdf manage 889 K 28 Nov 2008 - 13:02 AnitaRichards  
Fenech_Oxford08.pdfpdf Fenech_Oxford08.pdf manage 1 MB 02 Dec 2008 - 13:24 AnitaRichards  
Greisen.pdfpdf Greisen.pdf manage 3 MB 24 Nov 2008 - 17:24 AnitaRichards  
HRK_OX1208.pdfpdf HRK_OX1208.pdf manage 5 MB 02 Dec 2008 - 13:24 AnitaRichards  
Intro.pdfpdf Intro.pdf manage 741 K 30 Nov 2008 - 19:09 RobertLaing Introduction - Robert Laing
Kettenis_pt.pdfpdf Kettenis_pt.pdf manage 144 K 03 Dec 2008 - 09:16 AnitaRichards  
Laing_ALMA_Requirements.pdfpdf Laing_ALMA_Requirements.pdf manage 1 MB 30 Nov 2008 - 22:54 RobertLaing ALMA requirements (Robert Laing)
LevrierOxford02122008.pdfpdf LevrierOxford02122008.pdf manage 4 MB 01 Dec 2008 - 11:55 AnitaRichards  
LightfootalmaHeuristics.pdfpdf LightfootalmaHeuristics.pdf manage 110 K 03 Dec 2008 - 10:03 AnitaRichards  
LightfootalmaHeuristics.pptppt LightfootalmaHeuristics.ppt manage 65 K 03 Dec 2008 - 10:04 AnitaRichards  
NikolicAlgorithmsOxford09.pdfpdf NikolicAlgorithmsOxford09.pdf manage 911 K 01 Dec 2008 - 14:26 BojanNikolic  
OwenEVLAreq.pdfpdf OwenEVLAreq.pdf manage 75 K 30 Nov 2008 - 16:16 AnitaRichards  
OwenEVLAreq.pptppt OwenEVLAreq.ppt manage 291 K 30 Nov 2008 - 15:52 AnitaRichards  
Oxford_Noordam.pdfpdf Oxford_Noordam.pdf manage 315 K 01 Dec 2008 - 12:55 AnitaRichards  
ReadMeforUsonEXT ReadMeforUson manage 355 bytes 28 Nov 2008 - 13:25 AnitaRichards  
RichardsSpecLineIssuesDec08Oxf.pdfpdf RichardsSpecLineIssuesDec08Oxf.pdf manage 1 MB 01 Dec 2008 - 00:17 AnitaRichards  
Smirnov-MeqTreesCalibration.pdfpdf Smirnov-MeqTreesCalibration.pdf manage 2 MB 01 Dec 2008 - 12:38 AnitaRichards  
StewartOxford_nov_08.pdfpdf StewartOxford_nov_08.pdf manage 1 MB 01 Dec 2008 - 10:50 AnitaRichards  
Summary.pdfpdf Summary.pdf manage 558 K 03 Dec 2008 - 11:30 RobertLaing Meeting summary
UrvashiRau_Oxford2008_MFS.pdfpdf UrvashiRau_Oxford2008_MFS.pdf manage 1 MB 02 Dec 2008 - 09:52 AnitaRichards  
ViallefondMultilineSpectro.pdfpdf ViallefondMultilineSpectro.pdf manage 97 K 01 Dec 2008 - 18:19 AnitaRichards  
Walker_OxfordAlgorithms2008dec.pdfpdf Walker_OxfordAlgorithms2008dec.pdf manage 2 MB 01 Dec 2008 - 11:41 AnitaRichards  
Yatawatta_sage.pdfpdf Yatawatta_sage.pdf manage 703 K 28 Nov 2008 - 15:03 AnitaRichards  
garrington-Oxford-Dec2008.pdfpdf garrington-Oxford-Dec2008.pdf manage 587 K 01 Dec 2008 - 10:36 AnitaRichards  
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haystack_FOV.pdfpdf haystack_FOV.pdf manage 1 MB 02 Dec 2008 - 09:53 AnitaRichards  
haystack_FOV.pptppt haystack_FOV.ppt manage 1 MB 02 Dec 2008 - 09:54 AnitaRichards  
hwiesemeyer.pdfpdf hwiesemeyer.pdf manage 696 K 29 Nov 2008 - 16:18 HelmutWiesemeyer  
ic2233ngc2537movie.gif.bz2bz2 ic2233ngc2537movie.gif.bz2 manage 8 MB 28 Nov 2008 - 13:19 AnitaRichards Movie for Uson
oxford-december08-JUson.pptppt oxford-december08-JUson.ppt manage 9 MB 27 Nov 2008 - 00:49 RobertLaing Juan Uson talk (ppt)
oxford-december08-JUson_s.pdfpdf oxford-december08-JUson_s.pdf manage 1 MB 27 Nov 2008 - 10:30 AnitaRichards  
pety-oxford.pdfpdf pety-oxford.pdf manage 2 MB 02 Dec 2008 - 10:42 AnitaRichards  
pt.pdfpdf pt.pdf manage 144 K 03 Dec 2008 - 09:14 MarkKettenis ParselTongue presentation
vanLangeveldeoxf_albius.pdfpdf vanLangeveldeoxf_albius.pdf manage 2 MB 03 Dec 2008 - 09:14 AnitaRichards  
wucknitz_mc-clean.pdfpdf wucknitz_mc-clean.pdf manage 1 MB 02 Dec 2008 - 09:52 AnitaRichards  
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