Tree Plugin


Syntax Rules

%TREEVIEW{}% displays topic children in a hierarchical tree
%TREE{}% synonym of %TREEVIEW{}%


  • The following standard attributes are recognized
Parameter Description Default
web The web to search. current web
topic Specify tree's root topic. If none the entire web topics' tree is generated none
formatting Specify the formatting method
ullist is a <ul>-list, see sample UL lists
ollist is a <ol>-list, see sample OL lists
outline is an outline list, see sample Outlines
hlist is a <h n >-list of section heads, see sample Headlines
coloroutline:colorlist is an outline formatting with level values turned into colors, see sample Nested tables. Example: formatting="coloroutline:#ffeeff,#eeffee,#ffffee,#eeeeff,#ffeeee,#eeffff"
imageoutline:mode is a way to incorporate images into the outline format, specifically to display thread-like and folder views, see sample Image Trees. The general format is: imageoutline: mode : images : imageformat. Example: formatting="imageoutline:thread" or formatting="imageoutline:thread:I.gif,white.gif,T.gif,L.gif:<img src=\"$image\" border=\"0\">".
excludetopic Same meaning as VarSEARCH excludetopic. Topics with excluded parent or processed like topic without parent. none
includetopic Same meaning as VarSEARCH topic. Can improve processing time. none
startlevel The depth of the tree to start showing nodes from. To hide the root node, supply startlevel="1" (root is level 0). The displayed node depths are relative to the root topic. 0 or 1 if topic is not specified
stoplevel The depth of the tree to show, relative to start level. 999
header Output the value within a <div> of class treePluginHeader. Suppressed if the tree is empty. none
footer Output the value within a <div> of class treePluginFooter. Suppressed if the tree is empty. none
zero Output the value within a <div> of class treePluginZero if the tree is empty. none
bookview List topics in BookView form. Not supported from v0.9. Instead use something like:
%TREE{topic="GrandParent" formatting="outline" format="$outnum $topic <br /> $summary <hr />"}%
format Specify the format for each node ( outline & coloroutline). The following pseudo-variable are supported on top of the ones described in FormattedSearch:
$spacetopic - the topic with spaces
$level - the tree depth of the topic (in whatever format)
$count - the topic's child position
$index - the index of the topic in the tree. Starts from one. Most useful when used in combination with TreeBrowserPlugin
$outnum - outline number for the topic (eg,
$url - the current topic's URL Not supported. Use %SCRIPTURL{view}%/$web/$topic instead.
$author - the topic's last author Not supported from v0.9. Use %AUTHOR% instead.
$modTime - the topic's modification time. Not supported from v0.9. Use $date instead.
formatbranch - specify the format for a group of children ( outline & coloroutline)
$parent - the text of a node
$children - the text of all the node's children (if any)
levelprefix Specify a prefix to a node format. The prefix is inserted $level times at the beginning of the rendered node format. It allows generation of trees using Foswiki bullet list syntax thus enabling usage of TreePlugin in combination with TreeBrowserPlugin. none
nodiv Suppress the <div> around the tree. Set to 2 to suppress div around header, footer and zero. Allows for trees concatenation. none
separator Character string used to separate items in the tree \n
nocache Set to 1 to disable caching mechanism for that specific tree. Really a developer setting. 0


See the following page for sample usage and output:


%TREE{web="Sandbox" formatting="ullist"}%


%TREE{excludetopic="Web*" formatting="outline" format="* [[$topic][$spacetopic]]" levelprefix="   " startlevel="1"}%

Combination with TreeBrowserPlugin

%TREEBROWSER{"file" title="%WEB%"}%
%TREEVIEW{web="%WEB%" topic="GrandParent" formatting="outline" format="   * [[$topic][$topic]]" levelprefix="   " startlevel="1" }%

Performance consideration

For each %TREE% or %TREEVIEW% tag a VarSEARCH at topic scope is performed. To reduce the scope of that search one can use includetopic and excludetopic. Those two parameters should be used by TreePlugin users worried about performance. In fact they can potently greatly reduce the processing time.

For instance if you know that every topic in your tree has a common prefix you can easily make use of includetopic. Also when generating web tree you may want to excludetopic prefixed with Web.

Plugin Settings

The following Expert settings are settable in the bin/configure interface. They are located in the Extensions->TreePlugin tab, provided that Expert settings are enabled. They can also be manually added to lib/LocalSite.cfg:
  • Set {Plugins}{$pluginName}{Debug} to 1 to enable debug output. Set to 2 to get a lot more debug output.
  • Set {Plugins}{$pluginName}{NoCache} to 1 to disable caching mechanism. Intended for development purposes only.

Plugin Installation Instructions


ALERT! in order to access the default icons used by this extensions, your Apache configuration must enable access to the shared icons directory. (Actual location may differ between linux versions)
Alias /icons "/usr/share/apache2/icons"

Plugin Info

Authors: TWiki:Main.SlavaKozlov (alpha release), Stephane Lenclud (2006-2008), Fowiki Contributors (2008-2015)
Copyright ©: Copyright © 2002 Slava Kozlov. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright ©: Foswiki Contributors (2008-2015)
License: GPL
Version: %$VERSION%
Release: %$RELEASE%
Change History:
02 Sep 2015 1.93 - Foswikitask:Item11352 - Fix docs on combining with Foswiki:Extensions.TreeBrowserPlugin
Foswikitask:Item13655 - Fix missing TOPICINFO macros, remove high character in code copyright.
Foswikitask:Item13661 - Add missing Config.spec file.
25 Aug 2015 1.92 - Remove copyright symbol from docs. Remove SVN revision numbering.
27 Jan 2010 1.91 - Documentation tweaks. By Foswiki:Main.PaulHarvey
11 Nov 2009 1.9 - Fixed version numbering for configure. By Ingo Kappler
12 Dec 2008 1.8 - Foswiki port. By Stephane Lenclud
28 Aug 2008 1.7 - Fixing warnings in apache logs. Fixing broken cache generation when using excludetopic or includetopic. Better support for Sub Webs and Non-Wiki words from Colas Nahaboo. By Stephane Lenclud
10 Apr 2008 1.6 - File cache implementation. Massive performance improvement for Topic tree. No performance gain for Web tree. Added nocache parameter. Now using LocalLib.cfg for settings. By Stephane Lenclud
10 Apr 2008 1.5 - Slight performance improvement. Improved header parameter. Added footer and zero parameter. By Stephane Lenclud
29 Mar 2008 1.4 - Fixed endless loop in imageoutline:thread. Added separator parameter. By Stephane Lenclud
11 Jul 2007 1.3 - Fixed $onum to $outnum in documentation. Fixed endless loop on inconsistent/looping parent/child relationship. Not supporting bookview any more. Fixed imageoutline:thread not rendering. By Stephane Lenclud
7 Apr 2007 1.2 - Documentation improvement. Adding includetopic parameter. By Stephane Lenclud
6 Apr 2007 1.1 - Even more code cleaning. Rewrote tree building algorithm. Orphaned topics are now sorted as if child of the web root. No more blank line in the middle of the tree. Adding nodiv parameter. By Stephane Lenclud
6 Apr 2007 1.0 - More code cleaning. Testing most formatting. Better support for web="all". By Stephane Lenclud
6 Apr 2007 0.9 - Support for FormattedSearch pseudo-variables. Code cleaning in Removed some dead code. Improved documentation. By Stephane Lenclud
4 Apr 2007 0.8 - Adding excludetopic parameter. Adding %TREE% as synonym tag. Code cleaning in Fix root issue when no topic specified. By Stephane Lenclud
14 Mar 2007 0.7.1 - Arthur Clemens: Made startlevel and stoplevel relative to the root topic.
14 Mar 2007 0.7 - Arthur Clemens: web parameter is now actually used. Added parameter startlevel.
01 Oct 2006 0.6 - Stephane Lenclud: adding $index format subsitution. Useful when used in combination with Foswiki:Extensions/TreeBrowserPlugin. Also attempting to restore compatibility with Cairo, but still waiting for someone to test it.
16 Sep 2006 0.5 - Stephane Lenclud: adding levelprefix parameter to unable usage in combination with Foswiki:Extensions/TreeBrowserPlugin.
26 Jul 2006: 0.4 - Steffen Poulsen: Ported to T* 4 (Dakar). Leading text removed, less warnings, no double bracket links, CSS classnames around output.
15 Feb 2002 Alpha (0.2) release
08 Feb 2002 Internal (0.1) release

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